Two Crowns Two Crowns
Two Crowns Two Crowns
Two Crowns
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In the two-player card game ' Two Crowns' , you lay siege to your opponent's castle (represented by a 20-sided die) with a strategic mix of tactical insight and skillful...

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In the two-player card game 'Two Crowns', you lay siege to your opponent's castle (represented by a 20-sided die) with a strategic mix of tactical insight and skillful bluffing. Luck is a minor factor in battle. By cleverly choosing when to go on the offensive with your knights, and by spending gold on special units like vassals, bishops or catapults, you can gain the upper hand in this strategic card battle between two medieval lords.

  • Both players receive a deck consisting of the same cards.
  • Players start the game with 7 cards in their hand.
  • Players take turns after each other, switching between offensive and defensive roles.
  • Attacking player may choose to attack or draw new cards.
  • Defending player may choose to defend.

To attack your opponent's castle die, choose up to four knight cards – which have 1-3 attack points – from your hand and place them face down in front of you. The defending player may choose to defend his castle by playing up to four cards from his hand face down in front of him. Whoever has the most combined attack points wins the battle – but both the attacking and defending player can use special cards, which cost gold, to turn the tide:

  • Feint: lets you temporarily remove your opponent's strongest Knight Card.
  • Vassal: doubles the combined attack points of your Knight Cards.
  • Bishop: steals your opponents strongest Knight Card.
  • Catapult: deals 10 damage directly to opponents castle die.

If the attacking player doesn't attack he may draw cards from his deck in one of two ways:

  • Large Draw: if you have less than 7 cards on hand, draw up to 7.
  • Precise Drawif you have 7 or less cards on hand: discard 1 card, then draw 2 cards and pick one to take on hand. Discard the other.

The game ends when one of the players loses by not having any remaining points on his Castle die OR when a players loses by running out of cards to draw and is unable to attack.

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Two Crowns
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Walter - 05-08-2022 13:57

Fijn spel, eenvoudig aan te leren met simpele spelmechaniek. Maar moeilijk om te doorgronden en een goede tactiek te bepalen! Leuk tussendoortje.

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