Rattus: Big Box
Rattus: Big Box
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Istanbul: Big Box is the all-in-one package for Istanbul, including the base game as well as both expansions, Mocha & Baksheesh and Letters & Seals.This combination also gives players the opti

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Big Box of the classic Rattus
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Dear trader, welcome to Istanbul Bazaar!

It is a bustle of interest at the bazaar. Traders and their assistants rush through the narrow alleys and try to outsmart their competitors. The key to success lies in good organization: assistants fill the handcarts at the various warehouses and then bring them swiftly to the right destination. 

Istanbul Big Box includes the basic game, the expansion Mocha & Bribery and the expansion Letters & Stamps. Take on new challenges at the bazaar with your trader and his assistants and get help from your comrades. You can also ask for help at the Guildhall and the Hostel for the right amount of money. The player who is the first to receive the correct number of rubies wins the game!

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30-60 min.
White Goblin Games
√Öse Berg, Henrik Berg



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